EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars



Cloning Collars for any cutting.

EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars are designed specifically to be used in the EZ-CLONE Cloning System. They are manufactured from a sterile material and are engineered to protect and hold your cuttings upright in the lid, exposing the top leaves to air and light, while allowing the stems of your cuttings to be completely unrestricted to the inside of the misting chamber. Currently, EZ-CLONE Cloning Collars are available in a new high density Hard material as well as the same great Soft material that we have been using for years.

EZ-CLONE Cloning collars are available in 17, 35, 65 and 280 bulk packs. Be sure to ask for them today at your favorite Hydroponic retailer.


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